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Mark Buffington, Co-Founder
Bill Harris, CFP®, Co-Founder & CEO

Our Story

Founded in 2007, BIP Wealth is grounded in the belief that wealth management should not only be reserved for the ultra-wealthy. We've built our reputation by offering tailor-made wealth management services backed by Nobel Prize-winning financial research and savvy integrations of alternative investments. Today, we operate out of offices in Atlanta, Alpharetta, and Nashville, but we serve households nationwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the financial lives of our clients through highly personalized and differentiated planning and investment strategies.
Our Values

Servant Leadership

We guide with humility and respect, committed to serving our clients’ best interests.


Our team-centric approach fosters an environment of open communication to create optimal financial strategies for our clients.


At every level, we strive for perfection. We make things better for our clients and each other.

Sense of Community

We foster a sense of belonging, not only within our team but with our clients. We extend our family ethos to everyone, creating a strong and supportive BIP community.

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Darrick Alford, CPA

Chief Financial Officer
Darrick has spent much of his career in finance leadership…

Ashley Arrington, CFP®

Personal Wealth Advisor
Ashley enjoys the fact that by working at BIP Wealth,…

Leonardo Betancourt

Full Stack Software Developer
Since his childhood, Leonardo has always been passionate about technology…

Dennis Booker

Personal Wealth Advisor
Dennis has spent 23+ years learning from and helping clients…

JJ Boot

Relationship Manager
Alongside experience working with both retail and institutional investors, JJ…

Lori Boykin

Relationship Manager
Lori has worked in the financial industry for the past…

Michael Brocker, CFP®

Personal Wealth Advisor
Mike has spent 17 years in the wealth management industry…

Jenni Brown

Chief Marketing Officer
Jenni enjoys spending time outdoors, walking her dog, and on…

Kathryn Brown

Product Owner
A proven leader, team player, and results-driven professional, Kathryn is…

Andy Bunch CFP®, CFA®

Personal Wealth Advisor
Andy has been in the investment industry for over 20…

Heather Callahan

Director of People Operations
Heather knew in high school that HR/People Ops was where…

Randy Carroll

Randy considers himself a career banker who retired in 2011.…

Karen Chermak

Relationship Manager
Karen’s favorite part of her job is helping clients make…

James Clark, III

Associate Advisor
The best thing about James’s job, in his opinion, is…

Michel Cowdery

Relationship Manager
At BIP Wealth, Michel knows he is in a position…

Eric Cramer, CFP®, CFA®

Chief Investment Officer
Eric joined BIP Wealth in 2011 and has over two…

Charles Crowley, CFP® AIF®

Personal Wealth Advisor
Simply put, the relationships Charles builds with his clients and…

Thomas Day, CFA®

Portfolio Manager
There is a unique art to a portfolio manager’s role…

Matthew Edmiston

Associate Advisor
Matthew takes great pleasure in working at BIP Wealth because…

Rashmi Enabothula

Sr. Devops Engineer
Rashmi works on the technology team here at BIP as…

Marna Friedman

Relationship Manager
An attorney by background, Marna has spent the last 7…

Jeffrey Grossman, CFA®

Portfolio Manager
Jeffrey is driven by the relationships he has created through…

Matt Hand, CFP®

Personal Wealth Advisor, The Money Advisor Group
The best part of Matt’s job is building meaningful relationships…

Bill Harris, CFP®

Co-Founder and CEO
Bill has spent 30+ years in the financial services industry.…

Jeremy Hermida

Business Development Officer
Having Jim Poole as one of his personal and professional…

James Hernandez

Director of Software Development
In his leadership position with BIP Wealth, James enjoys helping…

Xavier Herschberg

Personal Wealth Advisor
Xavier has spent all of his professional career with BIP…

John Hester, CFP®

Personal Wealth Advisor
As a former professional baseball player for 10 years, including…

Darius Hicks, CFA®

Portfolio Manager
Darius has spent over 10 ten years helping individuals and…

Kevin Hires

Relationship Manager
Kevin has spent the past 5 years of his career…

Ross Hughes, CFP®

Personal Wealth Advisor
Ross has spent the last 15 years in the industry…

Tyler Kumar, CFP®

Personal Wealth Advisor, The Money Advisor Group
The number one reason Tyler chose to join this industry…

Tyler Madison

Associate Advisor
Tyler enjoys the team-oriented culture at BIP and the opportunity…

Drew Malone, CFP®, CPA

Associate Advisor
In his role with BIP Wealth, Drew loves being able…

Steven Manfredonia

Investment Operations Manager
Steven has valued the opportunity to work with various financial…

Marcia Mayoue, CFP®, CFA®

Personal Wealth Advisor
Marcia has worked in the field of finance since 1988,…

Dan McDonald

Product Manager
Dan enjoys being inspired by the incredible staff at BIP…

Duncan Meredith

Chief Technology Officer
Duncan thinks that being Chief Technology Officer is exhilarating; he…

Jim Money, Jr., CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®

Manager, The Money Advisor Group
Jim’s favorite thing about this business is the people—both clients…

Tim Money, CFP®

President, The Money Advisor Group
Tim founded The Money Advisor group in 2001 with a…

Santi Montiel

Relationship Manager
Santi enjoys being in the position of helping individuals and…

Hannah Morris

Office Associate
What Hannah loves most about her job is that BIP…

Chase Murray

Business Development Officer
As a former professional baseball player, Chase enjoys being in…

Grady O’Gara

Portfolio Manager
Grady loves all things outdoors, from golfing to landscaping and…

Mark Parker, CEPA®

Vice President – Strategic Growth
New BIP Wealth clients often onboard with Mark Parker, and…

Mary Pemberton

Relationship Manager
Mary has been in the Financial Services industry for over…

Donald Phan

Relationship Manager
Donald has spent his entire career building relationships and helping…

Mason Porritt

Personal Wealth Advisor
There are a lot of firms that help you manage…

Taylor Putnam

Relationship Manager
After having a handful of years in the financial and…

John Ray, J.D.

Personal Wealth Advisor
John is an Atlanta-dwelling family man who loves to play…

Aron Riddle, CFP®

Personal Wealth Advisor
With 20 yrs of experience in financial services, Aron takes…

Forrest Robertson, CFP®

Personal Wealth Advisor
Forrest has been in financial services for +30 years, but…

Kyle Schmidt, CFP®

Personal Wealth Advisor
Kyle has spent the last 12+ years serving families to…

JP Scott, CFA®, CFP®

Personal Wealth Advisor
JP has spent 20 years striving to constantly improve his…

Jason Shinn

Senior Software Developer
Jason has spent the last 20 years working for small…

Nate Smith

Chief Operating Officer
The BIP Wealth team embodies some of Nate’s dearest values:…

Andrew Somoza

Vice President of Business Development
Andrew has spent his career helping others and growing businesses.…

Michael Sorrow

Personal Wealth Advisor
Michael has spent the last 26 years of his career…

Alex Stevenson

Relationship Manager, The Money Advisor Group
Alex has spent the last 14 years helping take care…

Kevin Walker

Personal Wealth Advisor
Kevin has spent the past 20 years in the financial…

Sydney Warren

Relationship Manager
Sydney has worked in the finance industry since graduating college.…

Brevin White, CEPA®

Associate Advisor
What Brevin enjoys most about what we do at BIP…

Taylor Williams, Sr., CFP®

Personal Wealth Advisor
Taylor has been a CFP Professional since 1997 and has…

Justin Yost

Associate Advisor
Justin enjoys meeting and being able to build relationships with…

CJ Young

Associate Advisor
As a newer addition to BIP Wealth, CJ has enjoyed…

Why We Win

At BIP Wealth, we've combined our expertise, innovative strategy, and personalized service to create a winning approach for our clients' financial success.
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Evidence-Based Public Market Investing
  • Unparalleled Access to Privately-Held Investments
  • Proprietary trading strategies to reduce risk and volatility

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