Unexpected Life Events

Prepare for the Things You Can’t Plan For

Quickly create a solid financial plan in the face of unplanned events, such as the passing of a spouse or divorce. We'll be there for you at every step of the process.

Secure Your Financial Future

Chart a clear path toward financial security. BIP Wealth provides holistic wealth management services to help you prepare for unplanned events.

Financial Planning for What Is and Isn’t Known

Whether you've just won the lottery, received an inheritance, or sold a business, we'll be there. Our team will identify and organize your assets and expenses, and prioritize your goals.

Expert Guidance

Receive education about financial security, estate organization, mergers, and acquisitions to keep your best interests in mind when making financial decisions.

Risk Management

Keep your hard-earned financial assets protected at all times with dedicated risk management services that are always top-of-mind.

Preparing for Life’s Unexpected Events

Some things may happen that you simply cannot plan for:


In the event of a loved one’s passing, our compassionate approach ensures that your financial needs are handled with personalized care.


Divorces can bring about significant change. We offer a comprehensive approach to wealth management to ensure each client’s needs are met.


In the event a client is faced with a disability, we design wealth management strategies that can adapt to their situation.


Did you know that 50% of all business transitions are involuntary? That’s why we’re there to help you quickly evolve in light of new plans.


While the final path forward may seem daunting, we’ll be there for you in times of need to guide you to financial security.

Personalized Plans, No Matter Your Situation

Because every financial situation is different, we listen to every client to better understand their needs and ensure they receive tailored wealth management.

Individualized Communication

Get help at any time. We start by establishing strong relationships so every client has an advisor they can count on at any time.

Inheritance Management

Receive personalized guidance on how to best manage and maintain the assets and resources left to you by a loved one.

Financial Security

Continue caring for yourself and your family with our comprehensive and personalized financial protection strategies.

Financial Education

Get advice on what questions to ask and how to navigate outside of your financial plan after an unexpected life event occurs.

Estate Organization

In the event of an unexpected life event, BIP Wealth can help you organize your estate while making merger and acquisition more manageable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact?

We include all the contact information for your BIP Wealth team on our website, app, and Quarter Portfolio Report. We even include the information we have on file for your tax preparer, estate attorney, or any other trusted professional in your life.

Does it cost extra to get extra help?

No, we never charge extra to meet with you, your attorney, or your tax preparer. We also don’t charge extra to organize a family meeting. We are there for you when you need us without worrying about whether it will cost too much.

Will you talk with other professionals to make sure my insurance or accounting aligns with my wealth plan?

Yes. BIP Wealth will set up meetings with other professionals at no extra cost, including attorneys and accountants, to ensure your wealth plan is fully aligned with your goals.

Got another question for us?

We’ve got the answer. Feel free to reach out to our team.