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Registered Investment Advisors can partner with BIP Alliance to accelerate growth and provide resources for a successful future.
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Set Up Your RIA for Continued Success

Through expert insights, human connection, and intelligent forecasting, BIP Wealth helps you take the exciting steps to scale your RIA.

Accelerate Growth

With our expanded resources, remove operational inefficiencies to allow you to focus on your highest and best while accelerating the growth of your firm.

Private Investment Direct Access

Working closely with our venture capital firm, we offer direct access to unique private investment opportunities.

Integration Into Our Culture

Our dedication to servant leadership ensures clients are well taken care of and informed at every step of your succession plan.

Newest Members of the BIP Family

The Money Advisor Group

Tim Money partnered with BIP to accelerate the growth of his $300 Million firm and cement a long-term plan to serve his clients and team.

Continuing the Legacy of Your RIA

For almost 20 years, BIP has leveraged Nobel Prize-winning financial research to help clients improve their financial lives. Lead your firm into the future by partnering with our trusted team.
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Servant Leadership

We guide with humility and respect, committed to serving the best interests of your clients.


We extend our family ethos to everyone, creating a strong and supportive BIP community.


Our team will act as a guiding hand, ensuring you and your clients are supported at every step.
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Reach out to start a conversation about how your RIA can partner with BIP.
*BIP Alliance has a wrap fee program not detailed in this ADV 2A that is available to legacy clients only.