Baseball Players

Wealth Management for Baseball Players

From the field to finances, make every play count. We're on your team, offering personalized financial strategies designed specifically for baseball players.

Navigate the Financial Field with Confidence

As a professional baseball player, we understand the unique challenges you face and provide tailored solutions to secure your wealth now and into the future.

Comprehensive Wealth Management

From investment management and tax planning to cash flow analysis and budgeting, we've got you covered.

Trusted Advisors at Every Base

As a team of former pro baseball players, we’ve been in your cleats. We’ll help you understand the ins and outs of your unique financial landscape.

Setting You Up for Financial Success

Your financial needs are unique, and so are our solutions. Here's what we offer to our baseball player clients:

Tax Planning

Navigate the complexities of taxes with strategies designed to reduce your liabilities and enhance your earnings.

Name, Image, Likeness (NIL)

As your trusted team of advisors, we will help you build your financial foundation throughout your collegiate career, while preparing for the opportunity to go pro.

Investment Management

Let your wealth work for you with evidence-based public market investing and unique private equity and debt opportunities.

Cash Management

Balance your spending with your savings goals using our cash flow analysis and alternative strategies to savings accounts.

Financial Education

Boost your financial acumen with our educational resources, helping you make informed decisions about your wealth.

Baseball Division

Get to know the former baseball players who are now your dedicated financial advisors.

Kyle Schmidt, CFP®

Personal Wealth Advisor
Pitcher | Baltimore Orioles

John Hester, CFP®

Personal Wealth Advisor
Catcher | Anaheim Angels

Chase Murray

Business Development Officer
Outfielder | Pittsburgh Pirates

Jeremy Hermida

Business Development Officer
Outfielder | 14-year professional baseball career

Lori Boykin

Relationship Manager - Baseball Division

Bill Harris, CFP®

Co-Founder and CEO
Pitcher | Georgia Tech
Our Podcast

Ahead in the Count

Learn how to navigate the financial side of professional sports from former pros  and current financial advisors Kyle Schmidt, John Hester, Chase Murray and Jeremy Hermida.
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Our Story

A Legacy Beyond the Field: Remembering Jim Poole

From his standout days at Georgia Tech, where he earned Hall of Fame honors, to the grand stage of the MLB, where he notably pitched in the World Series against the Braves in 1995, Jim Poole's journey in baseball was both impressive and inspiring. But for BIP Wealth, Jim's legacy goes beyond his athletic achievements.

Over a decade ago as an original investor in BIP, Jim envisioned a special initiative. Recognizing the unique financial challenges faced by baseball professionals, he proposed the creation of a Baseball Division. This division, he imagined, would be dedicated to guiding baseball players and their families through the financial ups and downs synonymous with their careers.

Today, that vision is not only realized but has flourished beyond expectations. BIP's Baseball Division is manned entirely by former baseball players who understand the nuances of the sport both on and off the field.

Yet, Jim's impact extends beyond baseball and BIP. His valiant battle with ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease) moved many and led BIP to champion increased awareness and support for ALS research. In his fight, he exemplified resilience and inspired a community to rally behind a cause larger than any single individual. Every day, we celebrate his legacy, a legacy that will continue to inspire and guide many more in the world of baseball and beyond.

Learn More About Jim Poole

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does BIP Wealth help with career transition planning?

We understand that a baseball career has a limited lifespan and we help you plan accordingly. We work with you to develop a financial plan that supports your transition from a professional player to the next stage of your life.

I just signed a contract and received a signing bonus. How can BIP Wealth help me manage this sudden influx of wealth?

Our team at BIP Wealth has significant experience in managing sudden wealth situations like signing bonuses. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive financial plan that considers your current needs, future goals, and the need for sustainable wealth management.

Do you provide assistance with tax planning for professional athletes?

Yes, we provide specialized tax planning for professional athletes. We understand the complexities of taxes in different states and countries, and we'll work closely with you to minimize your tax liabilities and enhance your earnings.

How can you help me prepare for potential injury or early career-ending situations?

We understand that injuries are a part of professional sports and can significantly affect your income. We'll help you plan for such contingencies and ensure your financial security is maintained, even in difficult times.

What if I want to invest in business ventures or real estate?

Our team of financial advisors can provide comprehensive advice on various investment opportunities including business ventures and real estate. We'll help you evaluate potential investments in terms of your overall financial goals and risk tolerance.

Can BIP Wealth help me plan for my family's future?

Absolutely, we can assist with various aspects of family planning such as setting up college funds for your children, planning for your retirement, and estate planning to ensure your family's financial future. Visit our Families page to learn more.

Got another question for us?

We’ve got the answer. Feel free to reach out to our team.