Engineered to perform.

Our Story

Many firms say they can manage your wealth. Few can create it. At BIP Wealth, we endeavor to do both.

While other firms focus on selling, we’re relentlessly focused on the science of investing. We are a Wealth Creation Engine—propelled by a unique blend of science-based investment methodologies, a focus on technology innovation, and a deep commitment to openness and transparency. Our process starts with understanding where you are and knowing where you want to be. The BIP Wealth Creation Engine seeks to deliver smarter, more insightful strategies for the complex needs of our clients, and a more engaging, dynamic and rewarding client experience overall. We design highly personalized plans and investment strategies based on your needs, goals, and stage of life.

At BIP Wealth, we believe performance matters. We believe in diligence, hard work and that every idea should drive better results. We believe personal relationships are vital to success—that’s why we listen, collaborate, and build solutions together. From wealth management to tax planning to private equities, we design every strategy to go beyond what’s expected. We offer our clients direct, unparalleled access to private investments and the opportunity to be part of something even bigger than returns.

Wealth has the power to do great things. That’s why we’re constantly working, consistently innovating to make your money go further. We are not your typical wealth management firm. We are driven towards excellence. We are Engineered to Perform™.

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