Meet the Leadership Team

Bill Harris, CFP®

Co-Founder and CEO
Bill has spent 30+ years in the financial services industry.…

Eric Cramer, CFP®, CFA®

Chief Investment Officer
Eric joined BIP Wealth in 2011 and has over two…

Duncan Meredith

Chief Technology Officer
Duncan thinks that being Chief Technology Officer is exhilarating; he…

Heather Callahan

Director of People Operations
Heather knew in high school that HR/People Ops was where…

Randy Carroll

Randy considers himself a career banker who retired in 2011.…

Nate Smith

Chief Operating Officer
The BIP Wealth team embodies some of Nate’s dearest values:…

Darrick Alford, CPA

Chief Financial Officer
Darrick has spent much of his career in finance leadership…

Jenni Brown

Chief Marketing Officer
Jenni enjoys spending time outdoors, walking her dog, and on…

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