First Quarter 2020 Market Recap: Setting Records

Welcome to the 2nd Quarter of 2020. Just 90 days ago, we celebrated a terrific quarter for the stock market. It was the last quarter in a fantastic year that capped a decade of recovery from the trauma of the Great Recession. Many investors had a high level of confidence, and were excited about the next phase of economic growth.

Now in the span of just over a month, a lot has changed. This Quarterly Market Report was broadcast using new technology. The requirements of social distancing prevent us from seeing clients in person, but we are striving to be more connected than ever. We look forward to the day, hopefully in the near future, when we can see clients in person again.

In this webinar, BIP Wealth co-founder Bill Harris shares insights of how BIP will deliver an exceptional level of service and advice to BIP’s clients during this unique time. Bill also shares some of the most common responses we are hearing from clients, and how BIP is addressing
them. Eric Cramer, BIP’s Chief Investment Officer, then walks through a 1st Quarter 2020 market recap, and also offers a few solutions that are battle-tested in times like these.

We are a strong company, with dedicated employees, and we will do everything in our power to help guide clients through these tumultuous times.