In April of 2023, BIP Wealth was recognized as one of the Best Financial Advisory Firms of 2023 in an inaugural list created for USA Today by market research firm Statista to help guide consumers to the best wealth management services amid a volatile stock market.  

The list was developed as a way to spotlight those doing meaningful work in a daunting economic landscape. Though many types of financial firms offer all kinds of services, USA Today’s list focuses specifically on Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) to simplify the process of finding what works best for individuals as they navigate the current market. RIAs are firms that have an obligation to put their clients’ best interests first, which fosters a relationship of trust based on the knowledge that is needed in an uncertain economy. 

By the end of 2021, there were more than 32,000 RIA firms that were either registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission or other state agencies, depending on the value of the assets they managed. To narrow down the best financial firms, this list focuses on the growth of their assets under management over the short and long term, and recommendations from clients and peers. The list highlights the Top 500 firms across the U.S. 

“BIP Wealth is honored to be recognized for our efforts. Our company values serving our clients best by prioritizing their unique needs and goals, putting them first always. Through creating personalized experiences, we can not only educate but also help clients execute financial strategies that fit their lifestyles,” Bill Harris, Co-Founder and CEO of BIP Wealth said. Our client-first approach is the center of all we do. This recognition only highlights how valuable the trust between us and our clients is, and assures that our efforts to connect with them are accomplishing life-changing financial goals.”

BIP Wealth focuses relentlessly on the science of investing, using a human-centered approach to create and manage wealth for each individual client. From investment management to tax planning to private equities, we design every strategy with the client’s goals in mind. Through this approach, we offer our clients direct, unparalleled access to private investments that have historically been reserved for the ultra-wealthy and the opportunity to be part of something unique.

“We recognize that financial strategies are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Moreover, a fluctuating market only makes it more difficult for clients to trust that their future is in good hands. We aim to create highly-personalized plans that not only feel more secure but also feel more human. We stay optimistic while recognizing points of difficulty that come about in the future, and will continue to evolve our plans to cater to the landscape of the economy as time goes on,” Harris said. “By being recognized as one of 500 top firms in the country, we hope that this continues to build that trust our clients have in us, and foster new connections as well.”

At BIP, our client’s success is our success. With our planning process, our clients can be confident that they are financially prepared for long-term success.

If you’re interested in learning more about our unique approach to personal wealth management or want to take the first step to planning out your financial future, contact our team.