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Every investor should have a plan.  Markets will go up and down, but a solid plan prescribes, in advance, how to react.  For investments, we subscribe to the “buy low and sell high” approach.  But a plan goes beyond that.  Investors often need help figuring out how to reduce their tax burden, how to pass on assets to the next generation in an optimal manner, and how to protect against the risk of loss for all manner of unforeseen life events.

At BIP we work with each client to help formulate a personalized life plan.  Over time, we constantly update client plans as life unfolds and markets change.  A core belief of our planning philosophy is the use of fairly pessimistic projections for the future.  We may be optimists at our core, but the objective of planning at BIP is to look for failure points.  So we plan for high taxes, reduced government entitlement outlays, and for our clients to live longer than they ever expected.  Sometimes our plans may not produce results that are as rosy as those from other firms, but with BIP’s planning process you can be confident we’ve worked hard to account for the possible bad outcomes that could derail your financial success.

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