Holistic Wealth Management Services

Helping you fortify your financial success through personalized wealth management strategies.

Our Guiding Principles

Anchored in a client-first ethos, we translate your financial aspirations into tangible results.

Expert Insight, Human Connection

We combine decades of financial expertise with a genuine understanding of your personal goals.

Intelligent Forecasting

Our planning philosophy involves running data-based simulations to navigate the path between risk and reward.

Transparency & Accessibility

Our collaborative approach includes open communication and regular touchpoints to keep you informed and in control of your wealth.

Holistic Financial Planning Built For You

At BIP, we work with you to help formulate a personalized wealth plan. Over time, we constantly update your plan as life unfolds.

Comprehensive Planning

We consider all aspects of your financial situation to develop a well-rounded, effective plan.

Investment Management

Based on your risk profile and goals, we curate a diversified portfolio, which may include private market strategies if appropriate, to grow your wealth.

Cash Management

Efficient cash flow planning ensures that your daily needs and lifestyle choices are securely funded.


Regular updates and ongoing dialogue keep you informed, engaged, and confident in your financial journey.


Preserve your legacy and ensure your wishes are passed on with thoughtful, strategic planning.

Insurance Planning

Protect your assets and secure your family's future through careful risk assessment.


We'll provide guidance on efficient tax strategies to help you keep more of what you earn.

Personal Financial Guidance

Your Personal Wealth Advisor coordinates all aspects of your total financial picture, giving you peace of mind.

BIP Wealth-Creation Engine

Many firms say they can manage your wealth. Few can create it. At BIP Wealth, we endeavor to do both.
  • Evidence-based investment philosophy
  • Personalized strategies across the risk spectrum to build wealth
  • Access to unique opportunities in private equity, venture capital and private credit

Private Investment Strategies

Unique access to private investment opportunities to grow your wealth in untapped markets.
  • More than 15 years experience in aligning private market opportunities to individual investors
  • For qualified investors, we make it easy for you to participate in private equity, venture capital and private credit
  • Access to fund managers who are thoroughly vetted by our BIP Wealth Investment Committee

Public Investment Strategies

Evidence-based research to optimize risk-adjusted returns in both equities and fixed-income.
  • We use probabilities of success to structure your portfolio
  • Covered call portfolios to reduce volatility and develop an income stream
  • Concentrated stock strategies to mitigate risk
  • Cash management strategies for both individuals and companies

Who We Serve

Families & Individuals

Design and implement a sound financial plan that helps you achieve your goals and solidify your family's legacy.
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Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Navigate the financial complexities of growing a business with personalized wealth management services.
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Sophisticated wealth management to advise you every step of the way throughout your career.
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Late-Career & Retirees

Transition seamlessly into the next season of life with our comprehensive retirement planning.
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Baseball Players

Manage your wealth with guidance from former pro baseball players who understand the financial dynamics of Major League Baseball.
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BIP Ventures

BIP Ventures is the venture capital division of BIP Capital, an affiliate of BIP Wealth. It is one of the Southeast's largest and most active VC firms with investments in more than 70 portfolio companies. In addition to capital, BIP Ventures supports entrepreneurs with access to infrastructure, acumen, and talent that results in category-leading companies.

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