Feel Confident in Your 401 (k) Management

Align your 401 (k) plan with your retirement goals with the help of our experienced Nashville advisors.

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A Commitment to Your Financial Goals

We deliver customized wealth management for individuals with at least $300,000 in their 401 (k) plan and provide access to a wide range of diversified investment options.

Personalized Investment Strategies

Our advisors work with you to create a plan that best suits your 401 (k) goals, considering your risk tolerance, career trajectory, and more.

Comprehensive Retirement Planning

Navigate complex financial landscapes with a holistic approach, aligning your career and retirement ambitions with long-term financial stability.

Transparency & Accessibility

Stay in control of your wealth. Our collaborative approach allows you to receive regular touchpoints from your advisor about your 401 (k) plan.

Ensure Your 401 (k) Helps You Get the Retirement You Want

We understand that each professional has unique financial goals for their future. That’s why we work to transform your financial aspirations into tangible results.

Be An Active Participant In Your Financial Plan

With personalized guidance from your advisor, you can play an active role in your 401(k) strategy.

A More Sophisticated Investment Approach

Structure your 401 (k) portfolio with diverse investment strategies that align with your risk tolerance and long-term growth goals.

Holistic Planning For Your Retirement Years

Formulate a tailored 401 (k) investment plan that can adapt to changes in your lifestyle. Our advisors will update your strategy as life unfolds.

Partners You Can Trust

At BIP Wealth, we’re experienced financial advisors driving innovation and personal connection in wealth management dedicated to the following values.

Servant Leadership

We guide with humility and respect, committed to serving our clients’ best interests.


Our team-centric approach fosters an environment of open communication to create optimal financial strategies for our clients.


At every level, we strive for perfection. We make things better for our clients and each other.

Sense of Community

We foster a sense of belonging, not only within our team but with our clients. We extend our family ethos to everyone, creating a strong and supportive BIP community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does BIP Wealth hold my money?

BIP is not a custodian but will assist you in opening an account with a nationally known firm such as Fidelity, or Charles Schwab, to act as the custodian for your funds.

How does BIP Wealth get paid?

BIP does not sell securities or insurance and makes no commission for any product we may recommend. We are advisers, not salespeople. BIP earns a fee based on the amount of assets we are managing for our clients. Our incentive is to grow your wealth.

How do I monitor my account?

BIP has a client portal and mobile app called ClientCare which enables you to securely view your investment portfolios, access updates from private market portfolio investments, and store important documents.

What types of performance reporting can I expect?

BIP provides Quarterly Portfolio Reports that include customized portfolio goals, an investment policy statement, performance reporting of portfolios against risk-based benchmarks, and milestones and accomplishments in your relationship with BIP.

What does an ongoing relationship with BIP Wealth look like?

You can expect frequent communication from us, including webinars, Market Reports, and other client events, along with in-person meetings, phone calls, and video-conferencing with your Personal Wealth Advisor. BIP is here for you.