6 Reasons to Consider Bringing Your Practice to BIP


BIP has built a culture of professionalism, acumen, competitiveness and innovation that is quickly gaining notoriety amongst clients and other industry participants.  Advisors who have made the leap to BIP describe us as a company that is in a class by itself.  Our clients consistently tell us they feel the energy and positive morale in our offices.

BIP is a flat hierarchical organization and is best described as a group of like-minded professionals who have come together to set the standard for wealth management services.  We view wealth advisors as our partners, not as our employees.


Advisors who bring their practice to BIP will receive one of the most generous payouts in the industry.  The revenue split on assets brought in after the transition period is also one of the most attractive.  Instead of calculating production credits, we simply split fees generated on an advisor’s Total AUMs over the entire time an advisor is employed at BIP.  We also have a succession plan for our advisors who decide to retire.


BIP has built a business model that is advantaged in a number of key areas that help you obtain and retain clients.  We spent a number of years interviewing high net worth investors.  We learned there are four key areas that they value: sophistication of investment approach, financial planning, tax planning, and quality of service.  At BIP, our advisors can offer advantages to clients in each of these key areas.  We have also found that our value proposition is offered at a price that is much more attractive than what a client is already paying.


Moving assets from one custodian to another is fairly simple, but the process still has to be well-managed.  We understand that change can be stressful for clients.  At BIP we have built significant experience in assisting advisors in transitioning their practice to our platform in a way that is not disruptive to the relationship they have with their clients.  We have developed a process to address the following areas: client onboarding, training on new systems, reducing tax implications from transitioning portfolios, and more.  The bottom line:  BIP is focused on making the transition seamless for clients and new advisors.


We understand that individuals have different goals.  Some advisors are motivated by extreme financial success and others are driven by work-life balance.  BIP can accommodate either goal or both.  Our research indicates that it is bureaucracy, complicated operational processes, and mishaps that frustrate wealth managers.  We focus on eliminating these disruptions to the advisor’s day and his/her client relationships.


Brand security and stability is an important factor for advisors who are searching for a new home.  The advisors we partner with are not worried about losing their jobs; they have established solid relationships with clients that will follow them wherever they go.  However, they are worried about the environment they operate in and how it impacts their clients.  This is where BIP excels.  Our brand has never been tarnished by derivatives scandals or misrepresentations of products.  Nor have we had to sell out to a competitor in desperation.   Our balance sheet is strong, we are profitable, and we continue to grow in ways that do not put our advisor-partners at risk.

If you are searching for a home that offers limited downside, significant upside, and a great culture to operate in, then BIP Wealth is the place for you.  Interested parties should contact Bob Pennington at 404.637.2562 or bpennington@buckheadinvestments.com


Founded in 2007, BIP Wealth has become one of the fastest growing Registered Investment Advisory firms in the Southeastern United States.  BIP is based in Atlanta, GA and serves high net worth clients nationwide with a unique value proposition.  The company currently manages over $570 million in assets in cooperation with its advisor-partners. For more information, please see our careers.