BIP Wealth has continued our sponsorship of the North Georgia Cycling Association Club (NGCA) for 2022. The NGCA is the premier cycling club in the southeastern U.S., and we are proud to have our logo appear on the back of the new jerseys in a more prominent position. Our clients who ride are likely familiar with the NGCA already. The distinctive black and red kits are a common sight on group rides, and at races, all over Georgia and beyond.

If you are already a member of NGCA, and would like to discuss how BIP Wealth can help you to plan for your financial future, please contact us. BIP Wealth offers comprehensive financial planning and sophisticated investing strategies.

We offer access to both public and private market strategies for families with more than $1 million to invest. You can call Personal Wealth Advisor J.P. Scott at 678-942-6015, or email him at for a complimentary analysis of your individual financial circumstances and ambitions. We are Engineered to Perform!

If you become a client we will even pay for your 2022 club membership! Almost everybody knows how to ride a bicycle, but some of us “ride,” if you know what we mean. This free membership is designed for our clients who ride regularly, and expect to participate in some of the well-known charity rides and group cycling events in the region. That usually means at least a few thousand miles per year, though some of our clients are probably riding closer to ten thousand miles per year. Some of our clients race as well, and while membership in the club won’t put you on the NGCA racing team, it does mean that you can race in the NGCA kit and connect with NGCA racers at events to work with the team.

If you are a client who rides, and you’re interested in joining NGCA, then please contact your Personal Wealth Advisor to talk about your free membership and what is included. You can read all about the NGCA at their website North Georgia Cycling Association and on their various social media platforms including their Facebook page NGCA Cycling.

You can become a club member with BIP Wealth covering the full $125 cost, including service fees. Shortly thereafter you will be able to use your membership at the club store to select your free kit, and even add to your closet with lots of other merchandise if you choose. The deadline for ordering a new kit for the upcoming racing season is May 9th.

The cycling community can be a very supportive part of an active lifestyle. BIP Wealth encourages its clients to ride safely at all times so that cycling can be a healthy outdoor (and sometimes indoor) activity. Several of our employees ride, including Eric Cramer, our Chief Investment Officer. Feel free to reach out to him on Strava if you aren’t already linked up.

In April of 2023, BIP Wealth was recognized as one of the Best Financial Advisory Firms of 2023 in an inaugural list created for USA Today by market research firm Statista to help guide consumers to the best wealth management services amid a volatile stock market.  

The list was developed as a way to spotlight those doing meaningful work in a daunting economic landscape. Though many types of financial firms offer all kinds of services, USA Today’s list focuses specifically on Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) to simplify the process of finding what works best for individuals as they navigate the current market. RIAs are firms that have an obligation to put their clients’ best interests first, which fosters a relationship of trust based on the knowledge that is needed in an uncertain economy. 

By the end of 2021, there were more than 32,000 RIA firms that were either registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission or other state agencies, depending on the value of the assets they managed. To narrow down the best financial firms, this list focuses on the growth of their assets under management over the short and long term, and recommendations from clients and peers. The list highlights the Top 500 firms across the U.S. 

“BIP Wealth is honored to be recognized for our efforts. Our company values serving our clients best by prioritizing their unique needs and goals, putting them first always. Through creating personalized experiences, we can not only educate but also help clients execute financial strategies that fit their lifestyles,” Bill Harris, Co-Founder and CEO of BIP Wealth said. Our client-first approach is the center of all we do. This recognition only highlights how valuable the trust between us and our clients is, and assures that our efforts to connect with them are accomplishing life-changing financial goals.”

BIP Wealth focuses relentlessly on the science of investing, using a human-centered approach to create and manage wealth for each individual client. From investment management to tax planning to private equities, we design every strategy with the client’s goals in mind. Through this approach, we offer our clients direct, unparalleled access to private investments that have historically been reserved for the ultra-wealthy and the opportunity to be part of something unique.

“We recognize that financial strategies are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Moreover, a fluctuating market only makes it more difficult for clients to trust that their future is in good hands. We aim to create highly-personalized plans that not only feel more secure but also feel more human. We stay optimistic while recognizing points of difficulty that come about in the future, and will continue to evolve our plans to cater to the landscape of the economy as time goes on,” Harris said. “By being recognized as one of 500 top firms in the country, we hope that this continues to build that trust our clients have in us, and foster new connections as well.”

At BIP, our client’s success is our success. With our planning process, our clients can be confident that they are financially prepared for long-term success.

If you’re interested in learning more about our unique approach to personal wealth management or want to take the first step to planning out your financial future, contact our team.

Sep. 21, 2022 — BIP Wealth, one of the Southeast’s premiere wealth management RIA firms, has been named one of Atlanta Business Chronicle’s “Best Places to Work” for 2022. The Best Places to Work Awards highlight successful companies that go above and beyond to keep their workforce happy.

Atlanta Business Chronicle’s list recognizes over 100 companies in the Atlanta area for cultivating a great work environment. Companies are ranked by size—Small (10-49 employees), Medium (50-99 employees), Large (100-499 employees), and Extra Large (500+ employees)—and scored based on employee engagement. Other 2022 honorees include Cox Enterprises, Accenture, Brasfield & Gorrie and EY.

“We are honored to be publicly recognized for one of our key values…that BIP Wealth is a great place not just to have a job but to build a career,” said Bill Harris, CFP®, Co-Founder and CEO of BIP Wealth. “The primary driver of our success is the caliber of people on our team. I have always tried to surround myself with a talented team where we can all learn from each other. We like to challenge each other to be the best that we can be. Ultimately, this benefits our clients and the relationships we have with them.”

In addition to being recognized as a great place to work, BIP Wealth has also been named by SmartAssets as the 6th fastest growing Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) Firm in the country for 2022. Of the top 10 firms recognized, BIP Wealth joins just one other firm in the Southeast to make the list.