Engineered to perform.

Our Formula

Our formula is unique and frankly it’s not for everyone.  Investors who believe in stock-pickers with crystal balls and market timing need not apply.  We have said “no thanks” to the overpriced, commoditized offering of the big Wall Street brokerage houses… and so have our clients.

Our success has been built on the sound foundation of financial science.  We have built BIP with the intention to be one of the fastest growing wealth management firms in the country by combining Nobel Prize winning empirical research with savvy integration of alternative investments. We have opened up opportunities for our clients that historically have only been accessible to the ultra-wealthy.  And we have integrated those investments into our clients’ investment strategies in a responsible, easy-to-understand way.

Quietly, BIP has become a forceful investor in private growth companies. And our clients have consistently seen investment opportunities that are seldom available with the off-the-shelf retail solutions offered by brokerages.

BIP is the crossroads for investors and entrepreneurs. Clients who are looking for attractive investment opportunities come to BIP to connect and collaborate with forward-thinking entrepreneurs and original thinkers in the investment advisory industry.   And this powerful combination has created investment returns, new jobs, and new wealth.

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