Insurance Coverage Considerations for Ballplayers

The start of a new season is an important time for professional ballplayers to confirm insurance coverage for themselves and their dependents. BIP Wealth Personal Wealth Advisors Jim Poole and Kyle Schmidt -- both former professional pitchers -- share tips on what players should...

Financial Tips for Ballplayers in a Shortened Season

Kyle Schmidt
Life Planning, Baseball Division

Former World Series pitcher Jim Poole, CFP®️ and former professional pitcher Kyle Schmidt, CFP®️ -- both Personal Wealth Advisors in BIP Wealth's Baseball Division -- share financial tips tailored to the unique needs of professional ballplayers during a season sho...

Considerations for the Upcoming Baseball Draft

Kyle Schmidt
Baseball Division

In keeping with these unprecedented times, there will be radical changes to the upcoming baseball draft. Personal Wealth Advisors Jim Poole, CFP®️ and Kyle Schmidt, CFP®️, both former professional baseball players themselves provide some timely advice for prospect...

Advising Ballplayers During the Pandemic

Kyle Schmidt
Wealth Management, Baseball Division

 It is amazing how quickly the world can change. High School State Associations and the NCAA cancelled 2020 Spring sports. Major League Baseball (MLB) suspended Spring Training and delayed the regular season until they deem it safe to return to competition. There is a stron...