BIP’s Curated, Saavy Investment Model

For almost 20 years I have been working in the banking or investment industry. I consider myself fortunate that I was never “trained” by any of the large brokerage houses… it would be hard to “un-learn” all the things that brokerage houses teach to impressionable young...

Advanced Factor Investing vs. Index Investing

Mark Buffington
Investing Strategies, Venture Buff

I am often asked how the public market strategies we employ at BIP are different from index investing. Prospective clients will say, “Why shouldn’t I just buy a bunch of Vanguard funds? Isn’t that the same thing you are doing at BIP?” The answer is a resounding NO! We...

Early-Stage Nirvana: Build a Company that is both ‘Smart’ and ‘Healthy’

Mark Buffington
Venture Buff

There is a difference between ‘smart’ companies and ‘healthy’ companies.  A successful company can be either ‘smart’ or ‘healthy’, but great companies are both. Smart companies are good at the classic fundamentals of business- strategy, marketing, operations, fi...